Brisbane’s Most Viewed Postcodes Revealed: Where Everyone Wants To Live

I started my real estate sales career at Sissons estate agents based at 26 Wharf Street in the city about 15 years ago.  I was told by my then principal that it may be an idea to sell in Spring Hill as all the other agents in the office were selling in the CBD.  He said that it was a small area, the hardest area to get a name in and that is why all the agents in the office steered clear of it.  He warned me – you’ll soon see why and added – get a good pair of shoes and good luck!
When I started, the truth is that Spring Hill was not really considered a great place to live.  I soon got to see why some would think that but coming from Sydney, the area had a charm for me. With boarding houses close to schools, historical homes, fine terraces, quaint Queensland cottages and the Dept of Main Roads tower (now The Johnson Apartments), Victoria Park, the Windmill, I was hooked.  So I persevered…and kept going…getting to know the owners in the area, one house sale at a time…and now many many house sales later….

How things have changed!  According to the Brisbane Times (2nd August, 2017), Spring Hill is now the most sought after suburb to live in Brisbane based on searches on real estate portal

The Brisbane postcodes where everyone is aspiring to live has been revealed as the latest Domain data shows the areas that have been searched for the most.

Postcode 4000, which includes Brisbane CBD and Spring Hill was the most searched postcode on Domain during July, with more than double the searches of the next most popular postcode.

*4000 notably includes Petrie Terrace, though not specifically mentioned in the article!

The second-highest searched postcode was 4152, which includes Camp Hill, Carina, Carina Heights, and Carindale.

The highly sought-after postcode of 4101, which includes South Brisbane, West End and Highgate Hill, came in a close third, just a few hundred searches behind 4152.

Urbis director Paul Riga said it was clear the innermost Brisbane suburbs would be the most popular with would-be buyers. “The CBD has an attractiveness as being our city core and city centre,” he said. Lots of amenities and proximity to commercial businesses drove continued interest in the CBD.

But because the next few postcodes were grouped within a few hundred searches of each other, he said it was a clear indication that interest in the housing market was healthy and diverse.


Author: Jim Malo

Image Source: Unknown